Perl on Google App Engine

I recently started using Google App Engine and I have to say that I like it. The only thing I would change is support for other languages, namely Perl. I don't mind learning Python, but since I already know Perl it would be nice to be able to use it.

If anyone else is interested in using Perl on Google App Engine please Star issue #34 (do not reply to the issue with a "me too" or "+1", it just clutters everyone's inbox). You'll have to be logged into your Google account to do this.

There is also a Google Code project working on getting Perl ready for use in Google App Engine.


Archiving Ideas

Project management with Google Wave

Project Ideas can be archived with an "Archived" tag or if there are too many tags in use a "Completed" tag will work. This will keep the Ideas search smaller and limited to current Ideas.
Current Ideas search:
tag:Project Name, Idea, -Completed
Old Ideas search:
tag:Project Name, Idea, Completed


Separating Ideas and Tasks

To separate Ideas from Tasks just use an "Idea" tag or a "Task" tag. Project tasks would be sorted with:
tag:Project Name, Task, -Completed
Project ideas would be sorted with:
tag:Project Name, Idea
Project management with Google Wave

Finding unread tasks

To find all unread tasks (eg: all unread waves) use the following search:



Using Google Wave for basic project management

I recently got an account on Google Wave and I think it has promise. What interests me most is the possibility for project management. Previously I was using ThinkingRock which is a great application and has tons of features. However I didn't use most of the features and I wanted to share projects, to-do lists, etc with other people. I then started to move my projects to Google Tasks with hopes that it would allow sharing similar to Google Calendar's sharing.

When I got my Google Wave account I was glad to find out it has the ability to selectively share a wave with another person (isn't that the whole point behind Google Wave?). I looked for some sort of project management or to-do plugin but I realized that Google Wave provides everything I need without plugins. Granted I'm using a very small subset of project management ideas but it works well enough for me.

My setup is as follows:
  • New projects are identified by a specific tag
  • Each task is represented by a wave
    • New tasks are given tags according to which projects they belong to
    • Users can be added to tasks, unfortunately they can't be removed (yet)
    • Users can update tasks with new info
    • When a task is completed a "Completed" tag is added to the task
  • Tasks can be sorted by project using Saved Searches
    • To search for all open tasks in a project use the search
      tag:Project Name -tag:Completed
      or just
      tag:Project Name, -Completed
    • To search for all completed tasks in a project use the search
      tag:Project Name, Completed
That's all I'm using Google Wave for right now. I'll provide updates for any new processes I come up with.

Some notes about searching:
  • There are several search terms to choose from.
  • The only operator I have found is '-' used to negate a term; I have not found other operators such as 'and' or 'or' in the documentation.

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