Battery recycling on Maui

Living in Seattle spoiled me with all the options for recycling. Recycling at the University of Washington was especially easy, for example they have bins for electronics recycling all over campus. Now that I'm on Maui I wanted to be responsible and recycle a portable phone battery that no longer worked, but I could not find anything convenient. A quick email to the Maui County Recycling office and they pointed me in the right direction. Long's Drugs will take household batteries (rechargeable or non-rechargeable) at the camera/photo counter. Home Depot will also take other types of batteries such as those for power tools. I'm posting this here so that hopefully next time someone googles for "maui battery recycling" they will find this and a quick answer to where they can recycle their batteries.

PreferenceKey Quirks

PreferenceKey has a few quirks that have tripped me up. One is the reduce(value:nextValue:) implementation. The other is that a PreferenceKe...