Makefile target to enable Go debugging symbols

In my copious free time I've been learning Go. I'm currently learning how to debug Go programs with gdb. Turns out the linkers ([68]l) need the  '-e' option. Here is a simple Makefile to add a debug target.


Update to Label Sphere

I've finally had some free time to work on the Label Sphere. The new version should correctly color the labels according to your blog's color scheme on Chrome, Firefox, and IE 8. The new version has not been added to the Blogger gallery yet, but when it does get added I will post an update. To use the new version, add a new gadget to your blog, select "Add your own" and use the following URL


I've also released the gadget under the GPL here


PreferenceKey Quirks

PreferenceKey has a few quirks that have tripped me up. One is the reduce(value:nextValue:) implementation. The other is that a PreferenceKe...