Update to Label Sphere

I've finally had some free time to work on the Label Sphere. The new version should correctly color the labels according to your blog's color scheme on Chrome, Firefox, and IE 8. The new version has not been added to the Blogger gallery yet, but when it does get added I will post an update. To use the new version, add a new gadget to your blog, select "Add your own" and use the following URL


I've also released the gadget under the GPL here



Vera Zdanowsky said...

Coloquei sua Nuvem de Tags no meu blog inserindo gadget Label Sphere.
Gostaria de fazer algumas alterações e não sei como, você poderia me ajudar?
1 - Retirar o sublinhado;
2 - Mudar a cor ( o azul não fica legível no meu blog;
3 - Mudar o tipo de letra.
Se puder me ajudar, eu agradeço.

Vera Zdanowsky said...

Em primeiro lugar obrigada por me responder.

Não consegui alterar a nuvem de tags.

Os endereços que você enviou dão como resultado:

- o URL termina com um nome de domínio de nível superior inválido.

Meu blog é :

Me faça uma visita e se puder me dê nova orientação.

Obrigada e um grande abraço.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just added the new version of the sphere and there appears to be some problem with the latest version of Firefox, the title is visible, but not the sphere itself. Works fine in safari.


Alex said...

Hi Vera Zdanowsky, which address did you use?

You should be using


Let me know if you are still having problems using the LabelSphere.

Alex said...

Hi ink, which version of Firefox are you using? I tried it out with Firefox 7.0.1 and it seems to be fine.

Rocha said...

Why my (AC/DC) label doewsn't work, only my (Led Zeppelin) one? Sorry, I'm new here.

Alex said...

@Rocha, the labels don't show up immediately in the feed that the label sphere uses. I checked your blog and it looks like the AC/DC label is there now.

Brenda Lima said...

Adoraria mudar o tipo de letra e remover o sublinhado o que fazer? Me ajude

Alex said...

@Brenda Lima, currently the font is set to whatever your blog's font is. The underline is not showing up for me in Firefox or Chrome, what browser are you using?

I will add the ability to change the font in a future version, you can track this feature here: https://github.com/alexdioso/LabelSphere/issues/1

Unknown said...

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Enrico Kahl said...

I love your Label Sphere, it's so attractive on every website. Hope that you develop further more such nice widgets.
greets from germany

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

Came across the label sphere by accident and love it. Brilliant idea and work. Only issue is I cannot get it to work at all. I can add it either from the widgets menu (not sure if latest version) or via add your own using the latest url, either way nothing is displayed except for the title. In the set up, the preview works fine but I get nothing on my blogger site at all apart from the title? I use Chrome and Firefox (latest versions) and same thing with both. Any suggestions?

Alex said...

@Enrico Thanks!

@mensnet founder I didn't see it on your site so I couldn't check for error messages. Next time you add the label sphere could you see if there are any javascript error messages in your browser's console?

@pepejavier said...

I just discover your gadget.
It seems it works fine.

Ana said...

I loved the Label SPhere and I tried to add it at my blog.

I have no idea what do I have to copy from this long script.

Sorry, I'm that stupid...

I tried copying it all, some parts... you know that nothing worked and all I got was a line with the characters ]]>

Could you explain, as it was for a 5 years old child, how do we do it?

Thank you very much and congratulations.

Aully bukan said...

thanks gadget you,,,visit me,,,,

Only Hub Team said...

Not working on my blog http://onlyhub.blogspot.in/ plz suggest a solution

Beben Koben said...

nice gadget \m/

-mg- said...

I need to enlarge the area (increase height) in which the label tags float. The Blogger Gadget control allows changing [height], but this does not work correctly - the overall gadget box increases, yet the labels never float more than within a 200 PX area. Is there anyway to change this simply in the code but adjusting a constant or scaler? Thanks!

Jared said...

Thanks for this label cloud. It looks really cool!

Dancin' Deep said...

Great Widget Man.
Works Fine for me On IE 9 but is Not working in Chrome (latest)...

Dancin' Deep said...

Update Comment:
My fault. Everything is alright! THX Bro

Unknown said...

Label Sphere is my favourite gadget - I love this a presentation tool of my content you rocked it with this one!! Good work.

My Bog is www.damn-edge.blogspot.ca. I really love your label sphere and you can see it in action.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ukte Bruant said...

Hallo, U thought your label sphere was great, and I put it on my blog, but it seems it has stoped to work altogheter (in your blog too). Is there a way back? Thanks.

Ukte Bruant said...

Sorry, I thought it was great, I meant. Yep, it would be great really to have it back. Cheers.

Un(t)raveling said...
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